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Borough Councillors

Borough Councillors

Borough Councillors

There are 36 Councillors elected to Barrow Borough Council who represent the people of the Borough of Barrow-in-Furness.

Borough Councillors tend to deal with issues around council housing, planning, licensing, rubbish collection, the local services and local environment.

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List of Borough Councillors and Wards
Councillor's Name Ward Party Email Address
Mr D Barlow Walney North Labour dbarlow@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mr T A Biggins Central Labour tabiggins@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mr S Blezard Dalton South Labour sblezard@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mr D Brook Ormsgill Labour dbrook@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mrs A Burns Hindpool Labour aburns@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mr A Callister Walney North Labour acallister@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mr M Cassells Risedale Labour mcassells@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mr F Cassidy Walney South Labour fcassidy@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mrs M Derbyshire Newbarns Labour mderbyshire@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mr D Gawne Roosecote Conservative dgawne@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mr L Gill Hawcoat Conservative lgill@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mr K R Hamilton Risedale Labour krhamilton@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mr S Harkin Dalton North Independent sharkin@barrowbc.gov.uk
Ms J D Heath Dalton North Conservative jheath@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mrs A G Husband Walney North Labour aghusband@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mrs A Johnston Barrow Island Labour ajohnston@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mrs W E Maddox Dalton South Labour wemaddox@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mr R McClure Roosecote Conservative rmcclure@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mrs W A McClure Newbarns Conservative wmcclure@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mr W McEwan Ormsgill Labour wmcewan@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mr M McLeavy Roosecote Conservative mmcleavy@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mr J D Murphy Newbarns Labour jdmurphy@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mr F G Murray Dalton South Conservative fgmurray@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mr A J Pemberton Hawcoat Conservative ajpemberton@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mr D Pidduck Hindpool Labour dpidduck@barrowbc.gov.uk
Miss H Preston Risedale Labour hpreston@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mr A Proffitt Central Labour aproffitt@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mr L Roberts Parkside Labour lroberts@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mr D Roberts Hawcoat Conservative droberts@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mrs D M Seward Parkside Labour dmseward@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mr M B Sweeney Parkside Labour bsweeney@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mr C Thomson Walney South Labour cthomson@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mrs M A Thomson Hindpool Labour mathomson@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mrs A Thurlow Dalton North Labour athurlow@barrowbc.gov.uk
Mrs H Wall Walney South Labour hwall@barrowbc.gov.uk
Ms L Williams Ormsgill Labour lwilliams@barrowbc.gov.uk