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Market Stall Availability

Market stalls available for rent.

Barrow Indoor Market is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays,  9 am - 5 pm it is operated by Barrow Borough Council.  It does not open on Bank Holidays.

Stalls are let to permanent traders on a Licence Agreement.  If you are interested in a stall please email markets@barrowbc.gov.uk  

To view a plan of the market follow link below.

Link to pop up of Market Stalls map.

Stalls available in Barrow Market as at the 21st September 2015

Stall 17         £42.77 + VAT per week

Stall  18         £42.77 + VAT per week

Stall 51/58     £61.92 + VAT per week (has water & sink)

Stall 63          £42.77 + VAT per week  (has water & sink)


Meat Hall Stall MS2 £133.05 + VAT per week

12 new stalls are being created in the Market in 2015 and available for the winter (1 is under offer) - if you are interested Email  markets@barrowbc.gov.uk   or tel 01229 876555.

Stockrooms will be available  from £17.74 + VAT per week.

Tenants are responsible for electricity and business rates.  (stallholders may qualify for small business rate relief).  The electrical installation on each stall is checked before tenants occupy the stall and where necessary the Council will re-wire the stall.

Tenants must trade Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.

All traders must have third party Public Liability Insurance.  This can be obtained through the National Market Traders Federation www.nmtf.co.uk.

See a copy of the sample Market Stall Agreement and Market Information.


Market traders with less than 12 months experience can access financial support and business mentoring through Start Up Loans UK.

Start Up Loans UK is a government funded initiative that provides loans and business mentoring to entrepreneurs across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The average loan size for a Start Up Loan is £5,400 with a fixed rate of six per cent the loan is repaid over one to five years. The loan is a personal loan given for business purposes.

The National Market Traders Federation recognises that the biggest barrier for new businesses on our nation's markets is access to affordable finance.

As a Referral Partner for Start Up Loans UK, the NMTF can now offer members the full package - unrivalled insurance cover, business support, tailor-made retail training and expert advice and guidance on markets and market trading.



If you are under 30 and thinking of setting up your own business, the Prince's Trust may be able to help you.  Please follow the link below for more information about their Enterprise Programme.



Charity Tables

The Market offers local charities the option of taking a charity table for a day adjacent to Portland Walk entrance (the Market Attendant reserves the right  to move you to an empty market stall if we have other activity in the entrance area).

The cost for this is £5 per table (if you require 2 tables that would be £10). 

These stalls must be booked in advance.  Telephone the Senior Market Attendant on 07730314684 or Email markets@barrowbc.gov.uk.

Promotional Space

Subject to availability, promotional space may be booked adjacent to the entrance to Portland Walk. 

The fee is £10 per table per day (paid on the day) and must be booked in advance. 

Email  markets@barrowbc.gov.uk   or tel 01229 876555.

Casual trading on the indoor market or Pop Up Stalls

Empty stalls may be booked at a day rate for Casual traders  by the day or week.  However this is only whilst we have stall availability and on the basis that the stall is not let to a permanent tenant. Please contact the Town Centre and Festivals Manager for further information. 

The day rate is £25 for a single stall and £30 for a double stall. 

Casual traders may not book a stall more than 8 days in a 4 week period.  Third party public liability insurance is required.  If you wish to trade in excess of this please discuss the option of taking a permanent stall.

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