Borough council launches review of unparished area of Barrow

Barrow Borough Council has launched a review of local government in the unparished area of Barrow.  The review will consider whether a new town council/further parish councils should be created in the borough.  

The Terms of Reference of the Review are now available to view on the Barrow Borough Council website. The Council has 12 months in which to complete the review from the day of their publication. The review is happening as plans are being put in place to create a new unitary authority, called Westmorland and Furness Council, which will replace Barrow Borough Council in 2023.   

Parish and town councils are the first tier of local government and Barrow Borough already has two parish councils and a town council. These will not be affected by the review.

The review will consider the name and the electoral arrangements of any new town or parish council. 

It will also set out the reasons for the review, what the options are and some of the issues in creating one or more local councils.

A key part of the review will be consulting widely with the residents and stakeholders of Barrow to ensure any recommendations reflect the identities and interests of the communities within the area and to make sure that any changes to governance arrangements will be effective and convenient. 

Cllr Derek Brook, Barrow Borough Council’s lead member for community, said: “The Community Governance Review will give us an opportunity to think about the options available and what kind of voice we want for our communities in the future. 

“As councillors, we are very conscious that the new Westmorland and Furness Council will cover a large area. If people want to do things just for Barrow, a town council gives them an option."

The public consultation will start on Monday 21st February and run for eight weeks until it closes on Thursday 14th April 2022.

More information will be available here: Barrow BC - Community Governance Review