Covid-19 update: Helpline for those self-isolating in Barrow

RESIDENTS in Barrow who are self-isolating can contact a team of volunteers in the borough for help accessing essential supplies and medication.

A team of volunteers from Barrow Borough Council are on hand to help residents get access to essential supplies and medication at St Mary’s Hub in the town.

Anyone who calls their contact number - 01229 444407 - will now go through to an automated welcome message from Cumbria County Council.

However, they will still be directed through to the dedicated local team in Barrow.

Callers will be asked to identify whether they are shielding or self-isolating, by choosing one of two options.

They will need to:

Press 1 if they are shielding or high risk

Press 2 if they are self-isolating or have other Covid-19-related needs

This will ensure everyone reaches the most appropriate support as soon as possible.