New video launches to urge residents to follow the rules for high risk areas

A NEW video set to be launched on social media today urges Barrovians to follow the lockdown rules for an area deemed high risk.

The short film features key people from the borough who ask the community to stick to the new regulations to keep their fellow residents, workers and visitors safe from the spread of coronavirus.

It is part of a campaign to raise awareness of the increasing rate of infections throughout the community - and the actions people can take to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

Councillor Thomson said: “One of the things I’m always most proud about is that people in Barrow pull together when times are tough. 

“As the video shows, we have to stand united in our actions against coronavirus. 

“It’s upon all of us to do everything we can to stop its spread, to protect our relatives, friends and neighbours and to prevent an even stricter lockdown from being imposed upon us.”

Rates of coronavirus in Barrow last week reached 285 per 100,000 population - higher than the national average and the highest in Cumbria.

The rapid spread of the disease meant Barrow was deemed High Risk by the government and placed into a Tier 2 lockdown on Saturday.

Regulations in high risk areas mean people cannot mix indoors with anyone from outside of their own household or household bubble.

They can instead meet outside providing they are in a group of no more than six, including children.

The restrictions will be reviewed by the government in two weeks.

Among those featuring in Barrow’s new video is Councillor Ann Thomson, the leader of Barrow Borough Council, MP Simon Fell, Furness Academy head girl Ella Drury, Simon Laheney, headteacher at Furness Academy, Dr Lauren Dixon, GP at Bridgegate Medical Practice, and Cumbria County Councillor Anne Burns.

Residents are asked to share the film on their own social media accounts to help the message reach as many people as possible.

Councillor Anne Burns, Cumbria County Council Cabinet Member for Children’s Services and Local Member for Hindpool, said: “It’s so important that everyone sticks to the new rules now Barrow is officially classed as an area of high risk.

“The message in this video is that the community can make a big difference to the rate of infection we’re seeing in Barrow.


“Everything you do counts - hand washing, wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing - all of these things, in addition to the lockdown rules, will help to bring the virus under control.

“This is the community’s chance to take action and drive the rate of infection down - to protect people, most importantly - but also to prevent a more stringent lockdown from being imposed in the future.”