South Lakes Safari Zoo

Press Release

The Licensing Regulatory Committee met on Monday, 6 th March 2017 to consider two agenda items relating to South Lakes Safari Zoo.  After detailed deliberation and considering evidence from three expert and independent zoo inspectors, representations from a number of interested parties and Mr David Gill’s legal representative, Members came to the following decisions:-

  1. That Mr David S Gill’s application for a fresh zoo licence to operate South Lakes Safari Zoo be refused; and
  2. That a Zoo Closure Direction be issued under s.16B(4) Zoo Licensing Act 1981 (as amended) for the failure to comply with condition 34 of the licence and the associated Direction Order.

Mr Gill has the right to appeal both decisions within 28 days from the date he receives written notification of the decisions.  The Zoo Licensing Act 1981 (as amended) allows the Zoo to remain open during the appeal period and, if any such appeal is made, until that appeal is disposed of.

The hearing was adjourned and the outstanding items listed under Agenda Item 7, relating to the Zoo’s compliance with further licence conditions, will be heard at a meeting to be scheduled in the coming days.

The Council’s sole objective has always been that the Zoo should be fully compliant with all relevant legislation.

The Council will make no further comment.