Council Tax and Housing Benefit Calculator

On-line calculator providing Council Tax and Housing Benefit estimates.

This calculator is to enable you to decide if you wish to claim Council Tax Support/ Housing Benefit, it will show you whether or not you are likely to qualify. As stated below it is only an ESTIMATE. 

If you have any doubts at all as to whether you will qualify please either telephone Customer Services on 01229 404242 or call into the Customer Services Section to obtain a claim form & advice.

If you then decide that you wish to claim you must complete a claim form as soon as possible in order to claim Council Tax Support/ Housing Benefit. This on line calculation does not constitute a claim for Council Tax Support/ Housing Benefit.

  Benefit Calculator

Bedroom Entitlement Calculator

Your Local Housing Allowance depends on the number of bedrooms appropriate for your household (you, your family and others who live with you). So to find the right number of bedrooms for you, just select the circumstances which describe you using the Room Calculator below.

Open Room Calculator now.