Energy Rebate

Council Tax Energy Rebate 

The Council have now wrote to those who do not pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit, or those who have a mismatch on the Direct Debit instruction to the liable party, from Monday the 27th June. The letter you receive will contain instructions on the information you need to supply to us.

Once you have received your letter, you can submit your details at the below link. There is currently an issue with a receipt being emailed to you once you have submitted your details, but be assured your application has been received. Please note the portal will be unavailable from 8:30pm and 11pm each night:

Launch Energy Rebate Application Form

There is a dedicated phone line for assistance which is 01229 876307. Please ensure you have your bank details to hand before you contact us. Please be aware we can not pay into Building Society Accounts which have a Roll number.

Our phone lines are extremely busy at this time, so there may be a delay in an officer dealing with your Rebate. Alternatively, you can visit the Town Hall where someone will complete the application form with you. We ask that you bring your letter along with you.

We are required to make validation checks for counter fraud purposes on the bank details provided to us. If these come back clear, your rebate will be processed. Please do not contact us to ask when your payment will be received, we will update this page when we are due to make payments.

If your account fails validation checks, we will write to you for proof of the bank account you have supplied. If we hear nothing from you within 2 weeks, we will instead credit your Council Tax account by £150.

If you choose to not submit your bank details to us, we will also look to credit your Council Tax account by £150

People Who Pay Council Tax by Direct Debit

If you pay your Council Tax by direct debit, we will already have your bank details. If the name on the bank account held matches the name on the Council Tax bill, payments will be made from the week commencing 30th May 2022. The payment will be for £150 and will be clearly marked as a payment from Barrow Borough Council on your bank statement.

Please note if the bank account name we hold does not match the name on the Council Tax account, we will write to you separately.

All customers who satisfy the above conditions and pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit and made a payment on the instalment dates of either 1st, 16th, 28th of April 2022, or 1st, 16th May 2022 will receive the payment into their account on Wednesday 1st June 2022.

We will continue to run extracts twice per month to pick up those who make their first Direct Debit payment going forward on the above instalment dates. Payments will be issued a few days later.

Will this Payment affect My Benefit Claim?

The energy rebate has no impact on your benefit claim, and you do not need to declare it on your claim.

Who can get the Energy Rebate?

The £150 Energy Rebate is for qualifying households in Council Tax bands A-D.  The rebate will be £150 per household regardless of the number of occupants or council taxpayers named on the bill.

To qualify for the rebate the property must be occupied and meet the conditions below as of 1st April 2022:

  • It is valued in council tax band A – D, your council tax banding is listed on your council tax bill
  • It is occupied as someone’s only or main home
  • It is a chargeable dwelling, or is in one of the following exemptions:
  • occupied by full time students where the students are liable for payment of council tax
  • occupied only by persons under the age of 18 years
  • occupied only bey persons with severe mental impairment
  • an annex to a property occupied by a dependant relative living in the main property

Where the liable Council Tax payer does not live at the property, they will not be eligible for the energy rebate.  This means if you are a tenant at a property where the landlord is liable for council tax you will not be entitled to the energy rebate.

Second homes and empty properties are not eligible for a payment. 

People Who Don’t Pay by Direct Debit

If you do not pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit, we will contact you by letter and ask you to provide your bank details via an online secure process.  If you are unable to provide your details via the online portal, you will need to ring for assistance. We are in the process of setting up a contact number for this, and will provide this number in due course.

Please note we do not hold bank details for approximately 12,000 households so for those customers, we anticipate that some may require assistance to complete the online portal, and phone lines will be busy – please be patient.

This process takes longer because we must verify the bank details you provide to ensure correct payments are made and for counter fraud purposes.

For those properties who are in bands E - H the Council will publish its Discretionary scheme at the beginning of August.

Please see the link to the Councils privacy notice

Eligible Households that are Overdrawn

If your account is overdrawn, you may be able to exercise your first right of appropriation on the £150 payment, this is so your bank does not use the payment to pay off any overdraft. A sample letter is available here

If you do need to contact us with regards to the energy rebate, we would ask that this is by email