Dangerous Structures

Dangerous Structures

The Building Control Department has a responsibility to deal with dangerous buildings as they occur. Where the condition of a building or structure may endanger people, the Borough Council has legal powers to investigate and require that it is made safe. Typical examples include walls which are leaning or unstable, and roof tiles being blown off in strong winds.

In order to be considered dangerous, a building must pose a threat of causing harm to a person. Buildings which are dilapidated or run down would not necessarily be considered dangerous. Where we investigate a report of a dangerous structure and agree that action is required, this will usually take one of two forms:

  • If the building/ structure is so dangerous that we consider immediate action necessary, we will employ a contractor to make it safe straight away.
  • Where the building is considered dangerous but not immediately so, we will try to contact the owner and require that adequate work is carried out to make the structure safe within a reasonable period of time. If the owner fails to do so, we can apply to the Magistrates Court for an order allowing us to complete the work instead.

In both of the above cases the Borough Council can only require the minimum amount of work necessary to make the building safe, and in all instances we will attempt to recover any costs incurred from the property owner.

To report a dangerous structure in office hours please email buildcontrol@barrowbc.gov.uk, or telephone Building Control on 01229 876543.