Preferred Options Draft 2015

Barrow Borough Local Plan - Preferred Options Consultation Draft June 2015

The Council consulted on the Preferred Options Consultation Draft during August & September 2015. This Draft sets out what the Council thinks are the main issues facing the Borough, lists policies which have been formulated from a range of options put forward in the previous draft and identifies preferred sites to be allocated for development.

The Preferred Options Draft Plan, Proposals Maps and other supporting documents can still be viewed through the Councils Data Portal at the following link:

We also produced the following documents which support the Preferred Options Draft:

  • Draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan

  • Draft Employment Land Review

  • Draft Green Infrastructure Strategy

  • Draft Interim Sustainability Appraisal Report

 These can be found on the Evidence Base Documents page.

What happened next?

The Council used the comments received during the consultation to inform the Publication Draft 2016.