Better Business Product Fees

Food Safety Product Fees

New Start Up Health Check         £180 inc VAT

Gain or Retain 5                           £180 inc VAT

Bespoke Advice (per hour)           £  50 inc VAT

Charging for Rescores of Food     £145 per 
          Hygiene Ratings               inspection/revisit

Food Safety Pack and Diary       £15 VAT exempt  

12 month supply of diary refills £10 VAT exempt

Licensing Direct Fees

Pre-application or Application Advice
(up to an 1 hours advice)              £ 36 inc VAT

Pre-application advice and visit 
(up to 3 hours)                              £105 inc VAT

Check and Send                           £  72 inc VAT
(Full variation/Grant/
Club Premises/Provisional Statement)

Check and Send                          £  72 inc VAT
(Minor Variations)

Check and Send                          £  36 inc VAT
(Personal Licences/Temporary
Events/Transfers/Change of DPS/
Interim Authority)