Re-score for Food Hygiene Ratings

Request a re-score for your food hygiene rating

Our request for a re-score of your National Food Hygiene rating is aimed at business owners running catering or retail premises that have scores less than a ‘5’ rating and want to speed up the process to potentially achieve a better rating.

What we offer!

An on-site visit delivered by an experienced and qualified Food Safety Officer. They will undertake a regulatory ‘official control’ revisit intervention to assess your compliance and performance since your last food hygiene intervention.

Who is it for?

  • For any food business scoring less than a ‘5’rating.

How will it help you?

Re-scores for Food Hygiene Ratings can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Save you time by having your business food hygiene rating assessed earlier than the 3 month stand still period as determined by the Food Standards Agency
  • Enhance your chances of receiving a higher food hygiene rating that you can use in your marketing. This gives your business a competitive edge and potentially save you lost business
  • Give you reassurance from a compliance perspective. It's good for your business and good for your customers
  • Enable you to put in place the building blocks to grow your business in a sustainable way.

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One of the key reasons why some businesses fail to achieve a rating of ‘5’ is the need to provide a documented food safety management system. The pack is called ‘Safer Food Better Business’ and can be downloaded for free from the Food Standards Agency or you can purchase a quality printed copy of the diary described below.

Safer food, better business

The food safety management pack helps restaurants, cafés, takeaways and other small catering businesses comply with food hygiene regulations. 

Have you got your safer food, better business pack? 

Or do you need some diary refills? 

We can print and send these to you.

  • Safer Food Better Business packs. Caterers or Retailers (includes management system information, three month diary and allergen assessment sheets) -
  • Safer Food Better Business diary refills (12 months – includes VAT and delivery) 

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