Environmental Protection & Public Health

Advice on how we deal with Noise Nuisance

Report Online An Accumulation of Waste in a Garden, Yard or Premises.

(Note: this includes putrescible domestic waste and odorous material, it does not include inert items such as wood, plastics or other unsightly items.)

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Review and assessment of local air quality.

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Information about 'permitted' installations under the Environmental Permitting Regulations.
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Monitoring of Bathing Water Quality
Development of contaminated land, strategy and public register
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Advice regarding the removal and disposal of Asbestos Cement roof sheets.
Information about our Borough wide PSPO and how to ask agencies to review their response to anti-social behaviour or hate incidents you have reported.
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Guidelines on Drainage Responsibilities

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 The duty of the Authority under the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 section 46(1).