Climate Change


Climate Change Policy

Barrow Borough Council declared a climate emergency on 16th July 2019 and made a commitment to reduce carbon emissions. 

We recognise the need to quickly decarbonise and increase the resilience of our communities to help minimise the impacts from unavoidable climate change. We are well placed to drive and influence emissions reductions in wider areas through the services we deliver, through our role as a social landlord, community leader and major employer, as well as through regulatory and strategic functions.

Following the climate emergency declaration, a working group was established comprising cross party councillors and cross-departmental council officers to look at all areas of policy and delivery. The working group created a 5 year Climate Change Policy which was agreed at full council on 16th June 2020. That policy sets out the ambition for the Borough of Barrow in Furness to be net zero carbon no later than 2037. The full policy can be accessed here:

Barrow Borough Councils Climate Change Policy 2020-2025

Net zero by 2037

Barrow Borough Council's target is ambitious because reducing greenhouse gas emissions is vital, the Earth's temperature is rising faster than is natural. Any increase over 1.5° will have disastrous consequences worldwide, particularly for the poorest and most vulnerable people. We have seen a 1° rise since the Industrial Revolution, the effects of which has been seen in increased extreme weather events such as floods and wildfires across the world. Based on how we live now, it has been predicted that there would be a rise of 3° by the end of the century.

To achieve net zero by 2037 we will:

  1. Reduce emissions from Barrow Borough Councils estate and operations;
  2. Reduce energy consumption and emissions from homes and businesses in the Borough;
  3. Reduce emissions from transport;
  4. Reduce consumption of resources, increasing recycling and reducing waste;
  5. Increase carbon capture to offset emissions;
  6. Increase public awareness around climate change.


Contact details

If you have a suggestion for how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, please get in touch using the details below.

Contact: Environmental Protection

Email: with the subject line 'Climate Change'

Telephone: 01229 876543