PPC/B/10 - Thorncliffe Crematorium

Thorncliffe Crematorium

Thorncliffe Road, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA14 5PZ.

LA-PPC Crematoria

(Process Guidance Note 5/2)

Permit Reference PPC/B/10
Regulation Type B

Cremation of human remains in gas fired cremators


(inc. permits, variations, transfers, surrender)

Monitoring Information Annual Monitoring - 12th December 2017Annual Monitoring - 12th January 2017Annual Monitoring - 7th December 2015 Annual Monitoring - 18th December 2014 Annual Monitoring - 13th December 2013 Annual Monitoring - 7th November 2012 Annual Monitoring - 17th November 2011 Annual Monitoring - 15th December 2010
Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment Score 37 - Low
Convictions/Cautions None

Additional Information

(e.g. supplied by the operator in compliance with a condition)


LA Number 1031
Officer Geoff Dowker