Barrow Borough Recycling Scheme

Barrow Borough council operates a Kerbside Recycling Collection scheme. This reduces the amount of waste that goes into the Household Waste stream.

Central Government sets targets that the Waste Disposal and Collection Authorities have to meet and if these figures are not achieved the authorities can be fined. This could result in higher Council Tax bills for residents.

We are asking residents to assist us in reaching our targets by diverting waste from disposal to re-usable materials. Although Barrow Borough Council does not send any waste to Landfill, a tax is levied for every ton of waste that is disposed of at the Mechanical Biological Treatment Plant, (MBT) which the Council uses.

When consideration was made as to the best system to use for residents, a number of things had to be taken into account; i.e. Manual Handling, Vehicular access etc. To this end it was decided to use a one pass system. This involves one vehicle picking up recycling instead of a number of vehicles. This reduces vehicle movement, cuts down on congestion and also has a benefit to the Environment through fewer emissions. To achieve this the collection vehicles are split bodied, meaning that although they look like a regular "Bin" wagon, the rear compartment is split into 80% and 20% which allows both glass and Dry Mixed Recycling to be loaded onto the same vehicle.

The way in which residents can assist is by using the scheme correctly and only using their recycling containers for items that are part of the Borough’s scheme; other schemes do accept items that we do not, this can lead to confusion, advice can be obtained by by contacting or telephoning 01229 876543.

Cardboard. We require good clean dry cardboard, Including the  central tubing from Toilet Paper, Kitchen Roll, Cling Film and Tin Foil etc. Please make sure there are no remains of the original item left on the tube. Cereal Boxes should have the inside packaging removed. Detergent Boxes, Tooth Paste,Toiletries and Household Cleaning Product boxes are all acceptable.

Corrugated cardboard boxes should have all interior packaging removed, (polystyrene, plastic and foam) as well as any parcel tape, and any plastic delivery labels. It would also give more capacity in the bin if the box was flattened.

Pizza boxes are not recyclable as they are contaminated with grease, however,  the parts of the box that do not contain grease can be recycled, so committed recyclers could separate the clean parts for recycling if they wish..

Food Tins; we would be grateful if residents could swill out any cans, and make sure they do not contain any foodstuff remnants.

Drinks Cans; please make sure that these are empty and do not contain any liquid..

Plastic Bottles; (Drinks, Shampoo, Household cleaners, Milk, etc.) we would be grateful if residents could swill out the container. 

Food Trays; all food trays can be recycled with the exception of BLACK trays.

We will not accept any soft plastics, such as waste bags, carrier bags, and other soft plastic wrapping, these items are the biggest contributor for materials being not fit for processing.

Aerosol Cans; we would be grateful if the lids could be removed from these and possibly the spray nozzle.

Tin Foil; we will accept clean tin foil that does not contain foodstuffs, grease or fat. It can be confusing over the types of foil that can be recycled. Packaging such as Crisp Packets, Biscuit Wrappers cannot be recycled in the Borough's Scheme. A quick and simple way to determine if it is recyclable or not is the "Scrunch Test" squeeze the foil and if it stays squashed then it can be taken, if it springs back then it can’t be taken.

Tetra Type Packaging such as fruit drink and juice cartons can be recycled within the Scheme, but again it would be helpful if the plastic lids could be removed and disposed of.

Paper can be recycled, this includes newsprint, pamphlets, yellow pages and telephone directories.

Tissues, toilet tissue, cosmetic wipes, foil type wrapping paper, (remember the scrunch test) and paper towels cannot be accepted.

Residents should place all the above in their red bins, ready for fortnightly collection.

Glass Bottles and Jars; these should be placed in the recycling box, and again it would assist if any lids could be removed and disposed of. Broken bottles, pyrex type glass and window glass are not recyclable.

Barrow Borough Council, needs your assistance in making this scheme work and although the above may appear tiresome, your help is very much appreciated. The above list is not exhaustive and if you require and help or advice please contact us on or by phoning 01229 876543.

Please remember this is YOUR Scheme, and by working together we can make a good scheme excellent.