Barrow Borough Recycling Scheme

Barrow Borough council operates a Kerbside Recycling Collection scheme. 

Central Government sets targets that councils - as Waste Disposal and Collection Authorities - have to meet. If these figures are not achieved the council can be fined. This could result in higher Council Tax bills for residents.

What can I put in my recycling for collection?

Paper and cardboard - this must be clean and dry, with no packing tape or sellotape attached.

Tin foil that scrunches - this must be clean, with no food remnants.

Aluminium and tin cans  


Aerosol cans 

Plastic bottles - swilled out with no liquid left inside.

Plastic food trays - but no black plastic

What goes in my red recycling box?

Mixed glass should be separated and placed in your red recycling box.  No drinking glasses or broken glass.

Which items go in my waste bin?

The following items are not currently part of the borough's kerbside recycling collection scheme. Please place them in your waste bin.

Takeaway pizza boxes or cardboard contaminated with grease

Takeaway containers

Plastic bags of any kind

Crisp or biscuit wrappers

Black plastic

Tissues, foil wrapping paper, kitchen roll, toilet tissue

Wet paper and cardboard

Drinking glasses and broken glass

Metal other than drinks cans and tin cans

Polystyrene and bubble wrap

Sharps and syringes

What else do I need to know?

  • No plastic bags or food wrappings of any kind should be placed in your recycling bin. This is the biggest reason for contamination in the borough.  
  • Make sure your recycling box lid can’t blow open in the wind for rain to get in. 
  • Make sure all recycling is loose with boxes folded flat.