Clinical Waste


  • Human tissue


  • Blood or bodily fluids
  • Excretions


  • Swabs or dressings
  •  Syringes, needles or other sharp instruments


Clinical waste is waste which is produced by a resident who is self medicating a medical condition within their own home. Although legislation allows local authorities the right to charge for collections of clinical waste, Barrow Borough Council offers a free service. 

Clinical waste can include :-

To obtain a free clinical waste collection, residents are required to complete a form which must be signed by their GP/Healthcare Professional. This form can be obtained by contacting Customer Services on 01229 876543

The completed form will be assessed and the appropriate waste solution will be put in place for the resident.

Some clinical waste may be offensive rather than hazardous or infectious , eg: incontinence pads. This type of waste can be disposed of through the normal waste collection service and as such a larger refuse bin may be issued to the resident.


Will be collected as part of the free clinical waste service. These must be contained within the appropriate sharps box which can be obtained on prescription from the patient’s General Practitioner.

If residents are being treated in their home by a Healthcare Professional, it is the responsibility of the Healthcare Professional to remove all clinical waste which is generated as a result of that treatment.