Dead Animals

Disposal of dead animals and contacts for pet crematorium and burials.

Animal carcasses, including dogs, cats, deer and badgers but not birds, are collected by our Waste Service department within 24 hours of being reported.

Animal carcasses washed up on the Borough's Beaches, including sheep, seals and porpoises, are usually cleared within 48 hours of being reported.  This is highly dependant upon access to the carcass, which is often influenced by tide times.

To report an animal carcass please phone 01229 876543.  This method is recommended for urgent removal requests.  You may also report non-urgent requests on-line, as a complaint/ query, using the Waste Management reporting facility.

Barrow-in-Furness Borough Council regrets that it cannot collect animal carcasses on Private Land.

Pet Cremation

If your animal has died at home and you wish your animal to be cremated.

Nearest Pet Cemeteries: