The crematorium was originally opened in 1962, in 2016 it underwent a major refurbishment modernising the chapel and incorporating the cemetery office and their staff.

Services are held Monday to Friday within a 45 minute slot, this allows 30 mins maximum per service and 15 minutes to enter, leave and then prepare for the next family.

Extra time can be requested in advance without further charge.

A service can be conducted by a minister or someone of the families’ choice this does not have to follow a traditional format.

It is worth noting that there is no legal requirement to hold a service.  Some families choose not to have a formal service and just remember their loved ones in their own time and surroundings.

Families can provide original CDs, it is also possible to include choirs Musicians & Singers.

At the beginning of the service the Coffin is placed onto the catafalque at the front of the chapel. At the end of the service families have a choice whether they wish the curtains to close or remain open as the congregation depart.

At the end of the service the coffin is removed into a committal room for cremation which is completed on the same day as the service.  The coffin is placed into the cremator exactly as its received carefully maintaining the identity of the deceased throughout the process which takes approximately three hours from start to finish.  The families then can arrange to pick up the cremated remains.

Many families ask for family flowers only and suggest that mourners give to a charitable donation.

The crematorium provide baskets in the exit hall for the funeral directors to collect at the end of the service.

Any flower arrangements left at the crematorium will be displayed for at least one week depending on the weather conditions in the flower bay just outside the exit.

Any flowers wishing to be donated to the crematorium will be used to decorate the chapel, please make your wishes known to your funeral director.

Covid 19 Update

The Government has changed the number of attendees at funeral services as from Monday 19th July 2021


There are no limits to the number of mourners allowed to attend a service.  All 96 seats have now been placed back in the chapel.  However for staff safety, standing in the foyer area is not permitted.  We ask anyone who cannot be seated to stand outside where they will be able to listen to the service.

For the safety of staff and attendees we ask that you where a face mask whilst attending the service.

After the service we ask that you leave the chapel and meet people in the flower bay area.  This allows staff to clean the chapel ready for the next service.


There is no limit to the numbers allowed at burials but social distancing still applies