Memorials are available to purchase to help people remember and commemorate a person’s life this can be a very difficult time for families to choose the appropriate tribute. Cemetery staff will be very happy to guide you through the choices available.

Book of Remembrance

The Book of remembrance is situated at the Crematorium to the left of the chapel. The Book can be viewed externally through the window around the side of the office entrance any time during opening hours It is a permanent but inexpensive way to record & remember your loved ones on the day of the families choice.

The book comprises of four volumes which are inscribed by a professional calligrapher the entries can be 2 or 5 and 8 lines with an emblem.

The book is also available to view on line any day of the year

Wall Plaques

These are Cast Bronze 6” x 4 “plaques and are an ideal memorial for families to visit when there isn’t a grave. With a suitable inscription and an attached flower clip the small memento is easily accessed in Dalton and Barrow Cemeteries.

All new plaques are on a ten or twenty year lease.

The cemetery office will contact you to see if you wish to renew when the lease is about to expire, it would be helpful if you could keep your contact details current.

If you do not wish to continue with the lease the plaque will be removed and retained for three years where it will then be recycled.

Memorial Seats

Memorial seats are available to purchase with a suitable inscription. In order to regulate the size, type and standard of Bench it was decided that they can only be purchased through the cemetery office as of December 2009.

The Seat Location will have to be approved by the Manager and must not infringe on other graves or memorials please be aware they are limited in certain areas of the cemetery depending on how many seats have already been placed.

The Seat will be on a five year lease, they will be inspected annually making sure that they are suitable for use after this period the family will have a choice to renew or remove the bench from the cemetery.

The cemetery office reserve the right to remove seats that should fall into disrepair at any time and the family must sign an application form agreeing to this Policy.