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Barrow Borough Council operates a consent scheme for street trading. This means that you have to obtain a Street Trading Consent from the Environmental Health Department before you can trade within the borough.

Consented areas 

Limited street trading is allowed on Portland Walk and the pedestrian area of Dalton Road and the Town Square in Barrow-in-Furness.

Applying for a street trading consent

Consents are issued subject to a set of standard conditions, generally for a period of one year and are not transferable. The consents are renewable at the expiry of the consent period, unless a trader ceases to exist trading.

An application form stating the name and address of the applicant together with other relevant information must be completed and forwarded to the Environmental Health Department together with the appropriate fee.

Any applications made for consented areas must be considered by members of the Licensing Committee and would only be deemed suitable if they satisfy the following criteria: 

  • Attracting more visitors to the town
  • Enhancing the street scene
  • Providing entertainment
  • Complementing existing businesses

Typical examples of the type of street trading which may be allowed on the Town Square include craft fairs, specialist food fairs, vehicle displays, promotions and fairground entertainment associated with special events. It is not intended that fast food sales will be allowed.

Street trading consents are not issued for late night fast food sales. Specific conditions are also attached to individual consents.

It is illegal to sell goods in the street without a street trading consent however there are specific exemptions for sales of newspapers and periodicals. If you become aware of traders operating without a street trading consent or are concerned about street traders in the town centre area please contact the Commercial Services section of the Environmental Health department using the contact details below.

Prohibited Areas for Street Trading

No Trader or his vehicle shall cause any nuisance and in particular shall not trade in any prohibited street, currently:

All those streets in the Town Centre of Barrow-in-Furness bounded by and including Ramsden Street, The Strand, Hindpool Road, Abbey Road, Duke Street, Hawke Street, Collingwood Street, Dryden Street, Station Approach and the main railway line, together with Thorney Nook Lane, Biggar Bank Road, Beach Crescent, Ocean Road between its junction with Biggar Bank Road and its junction with Carr Lane, Sandy Gap Lane, West Shore Road between Earnse Point and its junction with Cows Tarn Lane, the Coast Road from Rampside Road roundabout to the Borough boundary and Manor Road between its junction with Abbey Approach and its junction with Parkhouse Road.

Also, all the streets on Barrow Island, Rating Lane (from the junction with Abbey Road to the junction with Flass Lane), Manor Road (from the junction with Rating Lane to the junction with Abbey Approach), Croft Park Grove, Croslands Park (from the junction with Rating Lane to the roundabout in Croslands Park, Meadowlands Avenue, Highlands Avenue, Lesh Lane, Rising Side.

Licence Application / Renewal Forms can be obtained from the Environmental Health Department and require a fee. All forms must be returned to The Environmental Health Department with the appropriate fee.  

Link to application forms

You may also  apply on-line for Street Trading Consent.

Link to fees and charges information.

Report Illegal Street Trading

You can report Illegal Street Trading online using our forms service.

Further Information

For further information please contact the Commercial Services section

Commercial Services Team,
Environmental Health,
Barrow Borough Council,
Town Hall,
Duke Street, 
LA14 2LD.