Land Charge Related Contacts

Land Charge Related Contacts

Local Land Charges and Local Authority Searches Related Contacts

Highways information

Searches submitted will receive information relating to their property as shown on the Con 29 R Form (2007).  Any additional information required should be made in writing to:

Highway Searches Department, Cumbria County Council, The Parkhouse Building,  Kingmoor Business Park, Carlisle, CA6 4SJ

Drainage Enquiries

Barrow Borough Council falls within United Utilities water area for Drainage

United Utilities,
Tel: 0870 7510101,

Land Registry

The regional Land Registry office at Durham can be contacted at:
Address: Land Registry, Durham (Southfield House, Southfield Way),  Way, Pity Me, Durham DH1 5TR
Telephone: (0191) 301 3500  or (0844) 892 1111