Cleaner Greener Barrow leaflets to help households recycle

Cleaner Greener Barrow leaflets to help households recycle EYE-CATCHING guides to help people across Barrow recycle in the most effective way possible are to land on doormats across the borough…

Cleaner Greener Barrow leaflets to help households recycle

EYE-CATCHING guides to help people across Barrow recycle in the most effective way possible are to land on doormats across the borough this week.

Barrow Borough Council launched Cleaner Greener Barrow - a campaign to improve rates of recycling across the borough while contributing to a healthier planet - earlier this month.

Now, items that can be recycled as part of the borough’s kerbside collection scheme will be highlighted in a Cleaner Greener Barrow leaflet delivered to homes from March 29.

The paper used to create the guides is part of the Woodland Trust’s carbon scheme and will result in the capture of 0.35 tonnes of C02 as well as the planting of two native woodland trees covering an area of 8.8 square metres.

Councillor Ann Thomson, the leader of Barrow Borough Council and its lead member for cleaner and greener neighbourhoods, said: “As a borough we need to recycle more, not only to protect the environment but also to make our area clean, tidy and pleasant for everyone.

“The best way for us to do that is to make sure residents know which items can be recycled so that only these items are placed in the recycling box and bin. This will cut down on the number of recycling receptacles that can’t be emptied because they contain something that isn’t recyclable.

“The Cleaner Greener Barrow guide is just the right size to stick to the fridge or keep in a kitchen draw and we hope it will act as a quick point of reference when residents aren’t sure if an item can be recycled or not.

“It also clearly shows which items should go into the waste bin so there’s no confusion.”

A new council policy on recycling and waste sets out how recycling operatives will inform residents if their recycling is contaminated with non-recyclable items using a hanger that notifies which item was not allowed.

A further incidence of contamination will be followed up with a home visit to offer advice and information about recycling in the borough. On the third occasion, a formal notice will be issued to the householder. Finally, householders who continue to place the wrong items in their recycling could be issued with a fixed penalty notice.

The new campaign; Cleaner Greener Barrow, is already operating on Barrow Borough Council’s social media channels to highlight how residents can recycle effectively from now on - with everyone contributing to improved rates of recycling in the future.

Lots of helpful information is also available on the webpage where residents can carry out a range of functions such as ordering a new recycling box or bin, reporting incidents of fly-tipping and checking which items can be collected as part of the borough’s bulky waste collection service.

Residents can also download their recycling and waste collection calendar matched to their postcode.

Cllr Thomson added: “As a community, we need to raise awareness of why recycling is so crucial for our environment and the future of our planet. Please look out for the Cleaner Greener Barrow guide next week and keep it as a reference for the future.

“Many other councils deliver a list of recyclable items to their residents to make the process as easy to follow as possible. Now is the right time for us to do the same so we can improve the amount we recycle as a community together.”

Recycling in Barrow

What can I recycle?

Paper and Cardboard

Tin Foil that scrunches

Aluminium and Tin Cans


Aerosol cans

Plastic Bottles

Clear plastic food trays - but no black plastic

Mixed glass - but no glasses or broken glass

All items must be clean and dry.

What should I put in the waste bin?

Tissues, foil wrapping paper, kitchen roll, toilet tissue

Wet paper and cardboard

Takeaway boxes contaminated with grease

Crisps and biscuit wrappers

Black plastic

Drinking glasses and broken glass

Metal other than drinks cans and tin cans

Polystyrene and bubble wrap

Carrier bags


What else do I need to know?

  • No plastic bags or food wrappings of any kind should be placed in your recycling bin. This is the biggest reason for contamination in the borough.
  • Make sure your recycling box lid can’t blow open in the wind for rain to get in.
  • Make sure all recycling is loose with boxes folded flat.