Guidance on hospitality premises reopening from 12 April 2021

THE Council has collated some frequently asked questions in response to queries that have been received following further restrictions being eased on the Government's lockdown roadmap . The…

THE Council has collated some frequently asked questions in response to queries that have been received following further restrictions being eased on the Government's lockdown roadmap.

The guidance on being COVID secure has also been updated and can be viewed here.

You must make sure that you carry out a risk assessment that appropriately covers the risks associated with COVID-19. Further information on risk assessments is available here.

UK Hospitality has also compiled a wider list of FAQ’s in relation to the hospitality trade.

What is outside?

Outside areas must not be substantially enclosed, which means that at least 50% of any structure (shelters, marquees, pods etc) is open to fresh air. A helpful question to consider with outside areas is ‘Would I allow someone to smoke in this space?’ if the answer is no, it is likely to be substantially enclosed and cannot be used during ‘Step 2’ of the roadmap.

What are the rules on track and trace?

  • You must keep a manual record of:

    • The name of every customer or visitor (over the age of 16)

    • Date of their visit

    • Arrival time, and where possible, departure time

    • A contact telephone number, if not available an email address, or lastly a postal address.

  • You must display an NHS QR code at each entrance and customers may check in using the QR code rather than the manual system as above.

  • If you have previously downloaded a QR code, go online and download the new version for your premises:

  • Premises must take reasonable steps to refuse entry to those who have failed to check in via the app or via your manual records.

  • Full details of the NHS track and trace is available here.

Can outside space be accessed by passing through a building?

If the only means of accessing the outside space is through a premises, this is permitted but should be done in a COVID secure manner to support social distancing. Face coverings must be worn whilst indoors (unless exempt).

Can I put tables and chairs on the pavement/highway?

Tables and chairs which are being placed on the pavement/highway must be authorised by a pavement licence, issued by Barrow BC. Further information is available here. If you already have a pavement licence and would like to extend the number of tables & chairs, please contact the licensing department as soon as possible.

Can I put a bar outside for staff to easily access?

Additional bars may require a variation to your licence. Premises should contact the licensing department as soon as possible if they are intending to have a temporary bar.

Are there any time restrictions?

The Government has advised there will be no 10pm curfew. Premises will need to check their licence for timings and any conditions around the use of outside space. Those premises with a pavement licence will need to ensure they adhere to the times on their pavement licence. You must also ensure you uphold the licensing objective ‘prevention of public nuisance’ and be mindful of nearby residents and businesses.

Do we have to do table service?

Yes. At any premises serving alcohol, customers will be required to order, be served and eat/drink while seated (even if no alcohol is ordered).

Do face coverings need to be worn outside?


Can people come inside to use the toilet?

Yes. You will need to ensure that this is done in a COVID secure manner, taking into account face coverings, limit on numbers, pinch points and enhanced cleaning.

What are the rules on the number of people/households in a group?

Groups of up to 6 people, or two households.

My premises only has a Club Premises Certificate. What are the rules for clubs?

Clubs are only permitted to allow members and their guests. Clubs will need to carefully check their Club Premises Certificate to see if outside areas are covered on their premises plan. If not, this becomes an off sale which can only be made to a member in person, in a sealed container.

What about takeaway alcohol?

From Step 2, hospitality venues will also be allowed to provide takeaway alcohol. Takeaway food and drink (including alcohol) must not be consumed on the premises or adjacent to the premises.

What about wakes?

Wakes are limited to 15 people.

What are the rules on social distancing?

Tables and chairs must be at least 2m apart. 1m+ is permissible where there are mitigations in place, such as screens or the tables are arranged with back to back seating, or otherwise arranged to ensure that persons sitting at one table do not face any person sitting at another table at a distance of fewer than two metres. You need to bear in mind the movement of customers within the premises (including outdoors) and that they can safely pass others, maintaining social distancing. You will need to calculate the number of people who can safely enter the premises whilst maintaining social distancing (2m), this includes toilets and outdoor space.

You must also ensure larger groups do not form whilst in the premises. Notices should be displayed reminding customers tables and chairs should not be moved.

If you require clarification or advice, please email