New video aims to help residents recycle right for Barrow

WITH the borough on the way to a carbon neutral future, a new video has been launched to help residents do even more to recycle right for Barrow. The short film - part of the Greener, Cleaner…

WITH the borough on the way to a carbon neutral future, a new video has been launched to help residents do even more to recycle right for Barrow.

The short film - part of the Greener, Cleaner Barrow Campaign - will make its first appearance on Barrow Borough Council’s social media channels today, Tuesday, July 26, to highlight which items can and can’t be placed out for the kerbside recycling collection.

It forms part of a bid to increase the amount of waste that is recycled across the borough while also reducing the volume of recycling contaminated with items that should instead be placed in a waste bin, and is released during Plastic Free July - an annual global movement to encourage people to reduce the amount of plastic they purchase or use.

Councillor Ann Thomson, the leader of Barrow Borough Council and lead member for Cleaner and Greener Neighbourhoods, said: “We know residents across the borough are keen to recycle more so that we do our bit to reduce waste, help the planet and reduce our carbon footprint.

“I’m proud of the efforts I know people are making to recycle as much as we can. This video should help all of us even further by reducing the number of items placed in the recycling that we should instead put in the bin or take to recycling collection points at supermarkets and other locations.”

The video features seasoned Barrow actor Chris Barker, a star of stage and screen, who has most recently entertained thousands in the lead role Shrek at The Forum.

The video was filmed in a series of locations including Abbey Road, at Biggar Bank on Walney Island and at Barrow Town Hall.

Barrow Borough Council launched its Greener Cleaner Barrow campaign last year to improve rates of recycling across the borough.

The campaign saw clear, eye-catching leaflets delivered to all homes in the borough setting out which items are included in the kerbside recycling service as well as ongoing helpful information and advice via the council's social media channels.

Cllr Thomson added: “We can all do more by placing only the right items out for recycling.

“This prevents large amounts of recycling being rejected because it contains items that should have been placed in the waste bin or items that have been contaminated with food waste and grease.

“We want to make the recycling process as clear and easy as possible for people and we hope this video provides another way for us to do that.”

Lots of helpful information is available on the barrowbc/gov/uk/recycle webpage including an A-Z Recycling Guide Barrow BC - Recycling Guide

Residents can also download their recycling and waste collection calendar matched to their postcode.

Recycling in Barrow

What can I recycle?

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Tin foil that scrunches
  • Aluminium and tin cans
  • Tetrapaks
  • Aerosol cans
  • Plastic bottles
  • Clear plastic food trays - but no black plastic
  • Mixed glass - but no glasses or broken glass

All items must be clean and dry.

What should I put in the waste bin?

  • Tissues, foil wrapping paper, kitchen roll, toilet tissue
  • Wet paper and cardboard
  • Takeaway boxes contaminated with grease
  • Crisps and biscuit wrappers
  • Black plastic
  • Drinking glasses and broken glass
  • Metal other than drinks cans and tin cans
  • Polystyrene and bubble wrap
  • Carrier bags

What else do I need to know?

  • No plastic bags or food wrappings of any kind should be placed in your recycling bin. This is the biggest reason for contamination in the borough.

  • Unwashed or greasy items placed in the recycling can contaminate clean items which can lead to a whole load being rejected. This is because food waste and grease can damage sorting machinery at the recycling centre.

  • Make sure your recycling box lid can’t blow open in the wind for rain to get in.

  • Make sure all recycling is loose with boxes folded flat.