Walney’s beaches achieve Good water quality classification


Bathing water quality has improved for the second year, Walney’s  Biggar Bank, Sandy Gap and West Shore have all been classified as Good for the 2020 bathing season.

During the summer bathing season (May to September) Environment Agency Officers take weekly samples at sites along our coastline. There are three designated bathing beaches in our area: West Shore, Sandy Gap and Biggar Bank.

West Shore improved from ‘Sufficient’ to ‘Good’ in 2018, and has maintained ‘Good’ status in 2019. Sandy Gap improved from ‘Sufficient’ to ‘Good’ in 2018 and has also maintained ‘Good’ status in 2019. Biggar Bank was ‘Sufficient’ in 2018 and has achieved ‘Good’ status in 2019, meaning all of our bathing waters are classified as ‘Good’ for the 2020 bathing season.

Barrow Borough Councils Public Protection Services work in partnership with the Environment Agency, United Utilities, Natural England and Love My Beach in order to improve water quality. This includes investigations into crossed connections, work with local landowners, responding to pollution incidents and raising public awareness around dog fouling and littering.

Graham Barker, Public Protection Manager said “We are extremely pleased to see a continued increase in water quality over the past two years, to get ‘Good’ for all of our designated bathing waters. This is recognition of the hard work and dedication of our officers, partner agencies, voluntary groups and local people who are committed to improving the natural assets of the Borough. Our 60km of coastline becomes even more desirable when such positive bathing water results are achieved.”

For more information, see our website: https://www.barrowbc.gov.uk/residents/public-protection-services/environmental-protection/bathing-water-quality/