Published Data and Reuse

Published data available for reuse Published Data - Open Government Licence As a public body spending tax payers money we strive to be open and accountable in the way we do business. Our…

Published Data - Open Government Licence

As a public body spending tax payers money we strive to be open and accountable in the way we do business. Our website hosts lots of information about the council and the services we provide but we have set up this section to make it easier to find information that you may be interested in.

The following information is available from this section:

This information is licensed under the Open Government Licence subject to certain exemptions: -

The licence does not cover the use of:

  • personal data in the Information;
  • Information that has neither been published nor disclosed under information access legislation (including the Freedom of Information Acts for the UK and Scotland) by or with the consent of the Information Provider;
  • departmental or public sector organisation logos, crests and the Royal Arms except where they form an integral part of a document or dataset;
  • military insignia;
  • third party rights the Information Provider (Barrow Borough Council) is not authorised to license e.g. Royal Mail, Ordnance Survey;
  • Information subject to other intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, and design rights e.g. postcodes, plans, maps, architects plans; and
  • identity documents such as the British Passport.

If you wish to reuse third party data you must contact the IPR/Copyright Holder direct for permission.

When you use this information under the Open Government Licence, you should include the following attribution: [Open data, Barrow Borough Council, 19 May 2011], licensed under the Open Government Licence [].

Spending over £500

In our Transparency Section you can find lots of information on our budgets and spending. This also includes a list of our spending over £500.

Councillor allowances and expenses

Each year we publish a list of what our Councillors are allowed to claim as expenses and what they have actually claimed for that year. This information can be found on the Councillors' Allowances page.

Council minutes and papers

We publish information about the local Councillors and the committees which make all the major decisions for the council.

You can find the minutes of all our official Council meetings in the Council Minutes section.

Job vacancies

All our job vacancies are advertised in the Council jobs section.

Our performance

If you would like to see how we are performing as a council please see our Annual performance report. Our performance.

Licensing applications and decisions

You can view details of the following types of licensed premises from our Public Registers (for licensing) page:

Pet Shops, Animal Boarding Establishments, Street Traders, Permitted Processes, Motor Salvage Operators, Cooling towers, Register of Personal Licences (Licensing Act 2003), Register of Licensed Premises (Licensing Act 2003), Register of Gambling Premises (Gambling Act 2005), Hackney Carriages, Private Hire Driver and Private Hire Operators.

Planning applications and decisions

To view Planning applications and decisions please visit our Public Access section.

Business Rates Information

The following information is published and updated on a monthly basis (unless there are no changes to the data). It is also available on