Housing Policies

We have a Customer Care Policy to ensure you are given the service you deserve.

Customer Care

We have a Customer Care Policy to ensure you are given the service you deserve. Our Customer Care Code is as follows:

"We are committed to providing our Customers with the best possible service. We will do this by treating our Customers the way we would wish ourselves to be treated in the same situation."

We will:

  • always be courteous and helpful
  • respond to enquiries efficiently and accurately with minimum inconvenience
  • always reply clearly and informatively
  • involve customers to identify improvements to the service we deliver
  • never argue with a customer or lose our temper
  • make sure we are fully aware of our complaints procedure and our role within it

Equal Opportunities

We are an Equal Opportunities organisation. This means we are committed to treating all Customers without prejudice towards their gender, race, disability, age, religion or sexual orientation. For more details see Equality and Diversity.

Service Standards

We aim to provide the highest standard of services possible within the resources available. We aim to treat everybody equally, whilst recognising the different need of our Customers. For details of the standards we aim to achieve at all times, please read our leaflet Service Charter: Local Standards.


We aim to provide a quality service to all our customers. However, there may be occasions when you are unhappy about something we have done or about a service which we provide. If that’s the case, then please tell us about it so that we can examine the problem. How to make a complaint.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Here's our Anti-social Behaviour Policy & Procedures. For details on how we tackle anti-social behaviour and how you can report incidents please refer to Estate Management.

Squatters and Unauthorised Occupants

We deal with squatters and unauthorised occupants in Council property and will take action against a person who is squatting or who has unauthorised occupants in empty properties.

Make an Online Complaint about Squatters.


We provide support and assistance to tenants who are victims of a crime such as homophobic crime, racist crime, or general crime committed in their home or whilst in the vicinity of their home. If we are unable to resolve the problem we may offer the tenant the chance of being rehoused in a different area.

Make an Online Complaint about a Crime or Racist Incident.