The following surveys have been carried out by and on behalf of the Housing Service:

Survey of Tenants & Residents (STAR)

As part of our ongoing commitment to seek the views of our tenants, in 2020 we commissioned M·E·L Research to carry out a STAR survey (Survey of Tenants and Residents).  The satisfaction survey is a chance for us to engage and found out view of our customers on the services we deliver.  As the Council Plan states: "Our residents are at the heart of all we do."

The survey was sent (via SMS/email/post) to a random sample of 1,742 tenants - 70% of Barrow’s housing stock.  A total of 568 completed questionnaires were returned, giving a response rate of 33% which was a 10% increase from the last survey carried out in 2015.

We received fantastic feedback which will enable us to shape our services going forward over the next five years. 

Below are some key findings from the survey and here's the full copy of the 2020 Survey of Tenants & Residents 

STAR 2020 key findings.png

We will continue to work with tenant representatives and councillors to look at what we can learn from such surveys and how they can be used to improve our services.

2015 Tenant Survey 

2012 Tenant Survey 

Stock Condition Survey

In line with Government good practice, the Housing Service carries out a stock condition survey of its properties every five years or so.

Michael Dyson Associates, a team of independent chartered surveyors, carried out a survey in 2019 which involved inspecting all properties, garages, community centres and communal blocks - 2019 Stock Condition Survey.

We have used the information gathered from the survey to develop a Five-Year Investment Plan 2020-2025.  This five-year plan summarises properties which will have major components replaced - in particular roofing works, rendering works, rewires  and central heating. The results from the Stock Condition Survey indicate that less kitchens and bathrooms improvements will be required over the next five years due to previous high investments levels for these work streams.  

Please note:  This is a plan and the speed in which it is delivered will be influenced by available resources.

Repairs Satisfaction Survey

As part of our ongoing improvements, every year we carry out comprehensive surveys of the contractors we employ to undertake improvements works to our properties. 

To view results of the 2014/15 surveys, please click on the relevant links below.