Mutually Exchanging your Home

As a tenant you are eligible to mutually exchange (or swap) your home with another social housing tenant. 

The all new Cumbria Choice website allows you to register a mutual exchange application and view properties that may match your preferences.  

All you need to do is register via the Cumbria Choice website and once logged in click 'Apply for Mutual Exchange' on the 'My Account' screen register now

For more information, contact a member of our Lettings Team on (01229) 876345 or 876403.

Transferring to another Council property 

By transferring we mean that we allocate a property for you to move into when the previous tenant has moved out. Transfers from one Council property to another are done through the Cumbria Choice, Choice-Based Lettings Scheme. Cumbria Choice is where all the main social housing providers in Cumbria now advertise their vacant properties.

Please be aware that unless you have been assessed as having an urgent or statutory need to move (Band A or Band B), you will not qualify for a transfer via Cumbria Choice. You will instead need to follow the advice above and look into mutually exchanging your home.

To apply for properties you first have to register on the Cumbria Choice Scheme and complete an online application form - register now. From here you will be able to get information on how the scheme works and view frequently asked questions.

As soon as you are registered on the Cumbria Choice scheme you will be able to view adverts giving details of all our vacant properties (as well as other vacant properties in Cumbria).

Alternatively, you can request help to make an application - call us on (01229) 876578 or email:

What are the chances of getting a property in my preferred area in this Borough?

Our leaflet, Housing Matters for Prospective Tenants, contains a table which gives a breakdown of the number of properties in every area of the Borough, together with the number of properties that actually became vacant for letting during the previous year. 

Although these figures are for the previous year, the location and frequency of vacancies is similar from year to year.

This information will help you understand the likely number of properties that will come available in your areas of choice.