Is your home too big for you?

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Is your home too big for you?

If your home is too big for you or you're struggling to pay the bills or maintain your property, you may wish to consider moving to smaller property.  

Downsizing Scheme 

Our Downsizing Scheme offers our tenants the chance to downsize to a smaller home. We introduced this scheme to help tenants who may be affected by the Government’s welfare reforms.

If you are living in a property too big for your needs any housing benefit you receive will be reduced and you will have to pay the difference yourself out of your benefits or wages.

How do I apply?

You should apply in writing by completing the Downsizing Scheme Application Form on the back of the Downsizing Leaflet which also gives more information on the Downsizing Scheme and the Terms & Conditions.

If your application meets the terms and conditions, we can offer:

  • A higher priority for re-housing in areas of your choice
  • A home visit to assess your needs and requirements
  • A grant towards expenses and towards the cost of fittings in your new home
  • For tenants assessed as being in special need, practical advice to assist with the move will be provided

If you have any queries regarding this scheme or need assistance with the application form please call us on (01229) 876577.

Swap or Transfer to a Smaller Property

You may also want to consider swapping or transferring to a smaller property.