Tenancy Agreement

Different types of tenancy

As a Council tenant you will have received a copy of your Tenancy Agreement - Tenancy Agreement.

  • Introductory Tenancy

We use an introductory tenancy scheme.  This means that all new tenancies granted are introductory, unless transferring from a secure tenancy.  

As an introductory tenant you will not obtain security of tenure until you have completed a trial period of one year, providing no action has been taken to end the tenancy.

For more information on rights and responsibilities of an introductory tenant, please read our leaflet A Guide to Introductory Tenancies

Secure Tenancy

If there are no problems during the 12-month trial period, the introductory tenancy will automatically become a secure tenancy. 

As a secure council tenant you have important rights and responsibilities which include:

Your rights  (* Only applicable to secure tenants)

  • You can live in your home for the rest of your life as long as you do what your tenancy agreement says.
  • *In most cases you can buy your home at a discount.
  • You can pass on your home to someone in your family living with you when you die.
  • *You can take in lodgers.
  • *You can sub-let part of your home.  (You must ask for permission first)
  • You can get certain urgent repairs done quickly and at no cost to you.
  • *You can carry out improvements to your home. (You must ask for permission first)
  • You can be paid for certain improvements you have made if you move home.
  • You can help to manage your estate.
  • *You can exchange your property for another one.
  • You must be consulted on housing management matters.
  • You must be given information about how the Council runs the homes it owns.

Your responsibilities

  • You must keep to the rules of your Tenancy Agreement.
  • You must pay your rent.
  • You must be a good neighbour and not annoy others in your area.

If you need any further information regarding your Tenancy Agreement, please call us on (01229) 876578 or email: housing@barrowbc.gov.uk