Organising Events on Council Owned Land

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Organising events on land owned by Westmorland & Furness Council in the Borough of Barrow-in-Furness.

Nobody wants to fill in unnecessary forms when they have an event to organise. We aim to avoid bogging down small and simple events with an overload of paperwork but we must satisfy ourselves that you have taken reasonable precautions to deal with hazards and possible nuisance. As the owners of the land we have a duty to anyone who may be affected by that land.

If you want to organise an event the single most important thing to remember is: PLAN AHEAD AS FAR AS POSSIBLE. You will need to discuss your event with us at least two months in advance – more if it is a large or complex event.

To help you we have developed an ‘Events Pack’. You will need to complete and return some forms in the pack to provide information about a proposed event so that we can decide whether the event can be held. Other forms provide basic information and guidance to you as an event organiser to help you run the event smoothly and safely. One size does not fit all so there will be some parts of this guidance that will not be relevant to your event.

As events increase in size and complexity, so does the need to provide more detail on what actions are taken to control the event and to deal with emergencies. Organisers of large events will also need to provide an event plan, show they have followed specific guidance and prove they have competent people employed to advise them and fulfil certain functions.  

You can download the Events Pack by clicking on the following headings:

Please contact the Events team at