Public Access Help Page

Information on how to access and use the Council's Planning Application Portal.

1. Go to the councils local planning portal.

2. Click on 'Planning Applications' (on the left hand side navigation) then click on 'Application Search'.

3. In the 'Reference No: Search' box type in the reference number from the letter received - e.g. 2005/1438 or type in a street in the street search box. Then click on the search button.

4. For more advanced searches click on the advanced search option.
This will then bring up the details of the application matching your search.

5. To see details on an application click on the reference number highlighted RED (in the last column of the returned results)

6. This then gives more details on the applications at the bottom of the screen the application documents (attachments) are available to access. These include Application Forms, Plans and Decision Notices). Also located here is a list of people consulted and the ability to comment on live applications.