Dalton Conservation Area

Dalton-in-Furness Conservation Area

The Borough Council has completed a review of Dalton Conservation  Area. After extensive public consultation the conservation area will be kept albeit with slightly reduced boundaries. This takes account of some anomalies and recent residential development.

The Council has also removed the Article 4 (1) Direction covering unlisted dwelling houses in Dalton Conservation Area and replaced it with an Article 4(2) Direction. This allows the Council, as local planning authority, to retain and protect features that affect the appearance of the conservation area where they front a highway, waterway or open space whilst allowing householders to have permitted development on frontages that do not. The following types of work will continue to require planning consent where they front a highway, waterway or open space:

  • Enlargement, improvements or alterations to a dwelling house e.g. extensions, porches, garages
  • Changing of roof pitches or materials
  • Alterations or replacement of external doors and windows
  • Provision of hard standings
  • Installing, altering or replacing satellite antenna/ dishes
  • Erection, alteration or removal of a chimney
  • Gate, fence, wall or other means of enclosure within the curtilage of a dwelling house.

These changes came into effect on 15 July 2005.