Listed Buildings

Planning Permission requirements for Listed Buildings

What are Listed buildings?


The Borough is host to a significant number of old buildings, some dating back to the 12th Century.  Listed Buildings are those that appear on the national list of buildings compiled by English Heritage and are defined as buildings of special architectural or historic interest.  Once a building is listed it becomes subject to special planning controls whereby listed building consent is required for works that affect its special interest.

These works may be either internal or external works and extend from the smallest project to wholesale demolition.  Consent has to be obtained for any alterations and demolitions. It is a criminal offence to carry out work which needs Listed Building Consent without obtaining it first.  As most works that would alter the character of a listed building require Listed Building Consent, assume you have to apply for consent.  This often includes separate buildings in the grounds too. You can obtain an application for Listed Building Consent from our website. 

In the Borough there are 249 Grade II buildings (classed as being of special interest), 15 Grade II* ones (important buildings of more than special interest) and 8 Grade I (exceptional interest).

You can also see a map of Listed Buildings on our Online Web Mapping service alongside other council information.