Main Modifications Consultation - September 2018

Consultation on Main Modifications to the Barrow Borough Local Plan

Barrow Borough Local Plan

The Barrow Borough Local Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State on 2nd February 2018 and an independent Inspector was appointed to examine the Plan for legal compliance and soundness. The Hearing Sessions ran from the 5th June to the 26th June 2018.

The Draft Local Plan and other supporting documents, together with information on the Hearing Sessions are available to view at the Examination Library.

Have your say

Following the completion of the Examination Hearing Sessions, a series of Main Modifications to the Local Plan are published for consultation. The Inspector considers that these changes are necessary in order for the Local Plan to be found ‘sound’.

Representations (comments) are invited in writing on the proposed Main Modifications from Thursday 6th September 2018 until 5pm on Friday 19th October 2018.

Please note that late representations cannot be taken into consideration by the Inspector or the Council.

A Schedule of the Main Modifications and associated appendices are available to view below:

Schedule of Main Modifications Table (Part 1)

Appendices (Part 2)

What can I comment on?

You may comment only on the specific changes contained in the Schedule of Main Modifications above and you should quote the reference of the change which you are commenting on eg. MAM1.

The consultation does not concern those parts of the Local Plan where modifications are not proposed. Comments received that do not relate to a Main Modification will not be registered.

If you have submitted representations to previous Local Plan consultations, the Inspector has considered these during the examination and there is no need to make these again.

Minor Modifications

At the same time as this consultation, the Council are taking the opportunity to publish some Minor Modifications. They consist of changes such as typographical errors and factual updates. They do not form part of this consultation, but are provided for completeness. A Schedule of the Minor Modifications is available to view below:

Schedule of Minor Modifications

As a result of the modifications updates to the Habitats Regulations Assessment and Sustainability Appraisal have been produced. The documents can be viewed below:    

HRA Update   

SA Update

What happens next?   

All representations received will be published in full, but with personal email addresses and telephone numbers removed.

All comments relating to the Main Modifications to the Plan will be submitted to the Inspector. The Inspector will consider all the comments received and decide whether any further hearings are required and if any issues need to be revisited. The Inspector will then present her final conclusion in a report. If the report concludes that the Local Plan is ‘sound’, the Council can adopt the Local Plan, subject to making the Modifications identified.

We are here to help

We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to have their say but we recognise the planning system is not always easy to understand. Officers from the Policy and Regeneration Team are happy to answer queries and can be contacted using the following methods: