PPC/B/02 - Burlington Aggregates Ltd

Burlington Aggregates Ltd.

Bouthwood Road, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. LA14 4RD

LA-PPC Mobile Crushing and Screening

(Process Guidance Note 3/16)

Permit Reference PPC/B/02
Regulation Type B

Crushing, grinding or other size reduction, with machinery designed for that purpose, of bricks, tiles or concrete, and other mineral products as designated by regulation. Also screening of demolition material prior to crushing and any other pretreatment activity and the screening of the product. (Note that screening of demolition material without any crushing is not prescribed)


(inc. permits, variations, transfers, surrender)

Monitoring Information  None Required
Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment Score 0 Low
Convictions/Cautions None

Additional Information

(e.g. supplied by the operator in compliance with a condition)

LA Number 1035
Officer Geoff Dowker