PPC/B/16 - Shell Lakeland (216)

Shell Lakeland Petrol Filling Station

Abbey Road, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. LA14 5LF

Unloading of Petrol into Storage at Petrol Stations

(Process Guidance Note 1/14)

Permit Reference PPC/B/16
Regulation Type B

Unloading of petrol into storage at service stations and regulation of the storage of petrol and dispensing of petrol in order to reduce the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by recovering the vapour.

The Petrol Vapour Recovery Stage I (PVRI) Directive aims at minimising VOC emissions from the storage of petrol at petrol stations, from loading and unloading at petrol stations.  There are limited exclusions from the scope of the directive, mainly related to the size of the petrol station.

The Petrol Vapour Recovery Stage II (PVRII) Directive just deals with VOC emissions from refuelling – filling vehicles with petrol.  It has effect from 1 January 2012.  However, in England vapour recovery for refuelling operations at larger petrol stations with an annual petrol throughput of 3,500 cubic metres (m3)/3.5 million litres is already a requirement.


(inc. permits, variations, transfers, surrender)

  • Transfer Application - August 2015
  • Stage II Vapour Recovery Application - August 2009. Please note this is a large file (7MB)


  • Permit - 29th September 2015 (Stage II Simplified)
  • Permit - 20th May 2015 (Stage II Simplified)
  • Permit - 10th November 2009
  • Inspection - 2014/15
  • Inspection - 1st September 2011
Monitoring Information Non required.
Risk Assessment
  • Risk Assessment - 2014/15
  • Risk Assessment - 2011
Risk Assessment Score 0 Low
  • Variation Notice - 20th May 2015
  • Variation Notice - 10th November 2009
Convictions/Cautions None

Additional Information

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LA Number 1029
Officer Geoff Dowker