PPC/B/33 - Sinkfall Farm Biomass Boiler

Sinkfall Farm Biomass Boiler

Rakesmoor Lane, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria LA14 4QE

LA-PPC Waste Wood Burning Boiler of >50kg/h but less than 3MW thermal capacity

(Process Guidance Note 1/12 (13))

Permit Reference PPC/B/33
Regulation Type B

The installation operates two (Boiler 1 & 2) 999KW Ariterm Boilers continuously loaded at a rate of up to 500kg/hour, generating up to 1998KW of renewable heat. Each boiler is defined as a separate unit encompassing a separate flue system and are fitted with a cyclone to improve emission reduction.

The boilers are fueled by 'Grade A' waste wood which is transferred to a walking floor fuel feed system by mechanical handler/Grab. Wood is loaded via continuous feed to the boilers. 

Hot water from the boilers travels through a heat exchanger to provide warm air for the drying of virgin wood chip on outside drying beds.


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  • 14th July 2022 
  • 14th February 2018
Monitoring Information
Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment Score  70 - Medium risk

Convictions/Cautions None

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Officer Alison Coward