Port Health

The port of Barrow offers the only deep water port between The Mersey and The Clyde. It is currently operated by Associated British Ports…

The port of Barrow offers the only deep water port between The Mersey and The Clyde. It is currently operated by Associated British Ports


It handles general, bulk dry, bulk liquid, forestry products and aggregates,. It is also used by cruise liners as a gateway to the beautiful Lake District National Park


Barrow Port Health is part of Barrow-in-Furness Borough Council and is the responsible authority for enforcing the Public Health (Ships) Regulations 1979

http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1979/1435/body/made and later amendments.

Barrow Port Health can undertake inspections of vessels to ensure that it has a current Ship Sanitation Control or Exemption Certificate.

Barrow Port Health is authorised to issue of Ship Sanitation or Control Exemption Certificates under the Public Health (Ships)(Amendment)(England) Regulations 2007 which implement the International Health Regulations 2005. Our World Health Organisation issued designation is GBBIF.

There is no Border Inspection Post or Designated Point of Entry facility for undertaking official controls of foods entering the EU. For information on importing foods into the UK and EU please visit The food Standards Agency website at


There are also regulations governing the importation of live animals, animal by-products, plants, seeds and Animal Feed. Please ensure that you discuss your import requirements with your shipping agent.

Infectious Disease Notifications

Vessels visiting Barrow from a foreign port are required to notify us in advance if they have any case of or suspected case specified in the regulations.


This must be done by submitting a Maritime Declaration of Health.

The attention of the Master of The Vessel is respectfully requested to ensure that they read the notes on the form to ensure that the information can be acted upon quickly to protect public health and to avoid unnecessary delay to the vessel, its officers and crew, passengers and/or cargo.

If notification needs to be given outside of office hours please telephone Public Health England on 0151 434 4819 and ask for Barrow Port Health Authority’s appointed Medical Officer of Health.

Ship Sanitation Control Exemption Certificate Requests

We are authorised to issue Ship Sanitation Control Certificates or Ship Sanitation Control Exemption Certificates. Our WHO designation is GBBIF.

There is a fee for this service. Click here for list of fees.

As part of the inspection we ask to see the Water Test Certificate issued within the last six months. You must provide a copy of the current water sampling certificate when making a request for a Ship Sanitation Control Exemption Certificate. Where this is not available or provided with the request or where the water test was carried out outside of that six month period we will carry out sampling of the water for which an additional charge is made.

This service is arranged by appointment only and is undertaken only when the vessel is berthed at a quayside, safe access is afforded and only during office hours.

It is not usually possible to accommodate a request for out of hours service or service at anchor. Please remember that out of hours service or where a launch or tender is required then additional fees will be charged.

When on board the vessel we may ask to see the following;

Medical log

*Medicine and Narcotics list

*Garbage log

*Ballast log

*Food safety management system

*Water management procedures and own monitoring results

*If the inspection reveals no evidence of a risk to public health, a ship sanitation exemption certificate will be issued which will be valid for 6 months. With the option to extend by one month if requested in writing (there is a charge for the extension).

Should evidence of infection or contamination be found (including: vectors in all stages of growth; animal reservoirs for vectors; rodents or other species that could carry human disease, microbiological, chemical and other risks to human health; signs of inadequate sanitary measures), a ship sanitation control certificate will be issued outlining the vector or reservoir and treatment undertaken.

Extending Your Ship Sanitation Control Exemption Certificate can be done for a maximum period of one month if the request is made and the extension is made before the expiry of the current certificate. Requests for extensions must be made in writing (which can include email or fax). A fee is payable for extensions.

Water Sampling

Potable water sampling can be carried out at the request of the Master or Agent and a fee is charged. Where this is undertaken without a request for a Ship Sanitation Control Exemption Certificate the fee is slightly higher, but is still competitive and offers good value and quality service.