Submission of Local Plan

Submission of Local Plan (Regulation 22) The Council submitted the Barrow Borough Local Plan 2016-2031 to the Secretary of State on 2 nd February 2018 for independent examination. Next steps…

Submission of Local Plan (Regulation 22)

The Council submitted the Barrow Borough Local Plan 2016-2031 to the Secretary of State on 2nd February 2018 for independent examination.

Next steps

The plan will now be independently examined by a planning inspector. The planning inspector appointed by the Secretary of State is Karen Ridge LLB (Hons) MTPL.

The timetable for the examination will be determined by the Planning Inspectorate. We will provide further details of the examination, including a detailed timetable, once further details are known.

Submission – 2nd February 2018

Hearing Dates – Hearings were held in June 2018

Consultation on Main Modifications – 6th September - 19th October 2018

Report – Received 20th March 2019

Adoption – 4th June 2019

Programme Officer

The Council has appointed Miss Carolyn Woodend as Programme Officer for the Examination, to manage the administration of the examination on behalf of the appointed Inspector and act as the liaison between the Inspector and representatives of the Council. Her contact details are:

Carolyn Woodend – Local Plan Programme Officer


Post: Local Plan Examination Office, Development Services, Town Hall, Duke Street, Barrow in Furness, Cumbria, LA14 2LD.

Documents submitted

A number of documents were submitted to accompany and support the Local Plan including:

  • Submission Draft Barrow Borough Local Plan 2016-2031
  • Submission Draft Local Plan Proposals Maps (A, B and C)
  • The Regulation 22 Consultation Statement
  • Sustainability Appraisal, including January 2018 update
  • Habitats Regulation Assessment, including November 2018 update
  • Strategic Housing Market Assessment
  • Employment Land Review

Submission documents are available on the Councils Data Portal.

A list of all of the submission documents and supporting evidence will be available in our examination library shortly.

Hard copies of any of the documents in this list are available for inspection by appointment at Barrow Town Hall during normal opening hours. Please contact the Programme Officer to arrange.


In December 2017 we consulted on the Submission Draft Local Plan. The Plan included major modifications required since the Pre Submission Draft, which were agreed by the Council’s Executive Committee on 29th November 2017.

These were:

  • Policy EC7 – Energy Uses Opportunity Area - The boundary of the Energy Uses Opportunity Area is amended to include the decommissioned South Morecambe Bay Gas Terminal and the now closed Roosecote Power Station.
  • Policy GI4 – Green Spaces - An additional area of open land is designated as a green space at Walker Street/James Street, Askam in Furness.
  • Housing Requirement The housing requirement has been amended in light of updated evidence.

The Plan was subjected to a final 6 week public consultation during December 2017/January 2018 on the major modifications. Comments were invited solely relating to these modifications. The consultation period ran from Friday 8th December 2017 until Wednesday 24th January 2018.

During the consultation 13 representations were received from 13 representors, 5 were in support of the Plan, 1 stated they have no further comments, 1 was an objection to a minor amendment and 6 related to major modifications.


The representations received, along with those received on the Pre Submission Draft, have been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate along with the Draft Plan and Proposals Map, Sustainability Appraisal and other supporting evidence, and will be available in the examination library shortly.