Postal Voting

How to apply for a Postal Vote to vote at an Election

You can now have a Postal Vote at any time whether permanently or for a specific Election.

Completed applications for Postal Votes must be received in the Electoral Services Office by no later than 5:00pm 11 working days before an election.  

There is only one application form to apply for a Postal Vote.  

Please note that there is a requirement to provide a specimen signature and a date of birth on all completed application forms. 

The collection of these personal identifiers is designed to deter misuse of the entitlement to vote and to help ensure that the postal votes included in the count have been completed by the persons to whom they were issued. 

Failure to provide this will mean that the application will not be valid.

Postal Voting Application Form (MS Word 24Kb)

However, if you are unable to provide a consistent signature for any reason, please contact Electoral Services on the details shown below and we can assist you with a different form.


Phone: 01229-876318