Emergency Planning

Flood Warnings in Cumbria

Flood Hub

The Flood Hub is a one stop shop for flood information and resources to support householders, businesses and communities across the North West in becoming more flood resilient.

 The hub pulls together multiple sources of guidance and information to give an overview of flood resilience and its many related topics, and signposts to a variety of other useful sources of information.

Flood Hub website

Cumbria Local Resilience Forum

Barrow-in-Furness Borough Council works in partnership with other local authorities, organisations and agencies in Cumbria through the Cumbria Local Resilience Forum (CLRF) to deliver emergency planning services throughout the county. 

The Cumbria Local Resilience Forum was formed in 2005 following the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 which required organisations across specific areas to work together to prepare, respond and recover from different emergencies.

Cumbria Local Resilience Forum has a website where you can find information and advice to help you better prepare if there was an emergency in the county. Follow this link: 

Cumbria Local Resilience Forum website

This website gives you information on what you as a business or a member of the public can do:

  • now to prepare for a range of emergencies
  • if an emergency occurs
  • to recover from an emergency 

BAE Systems Local Liaison Committee

In recognition of the business’ economic and social responsibilities to the community and the environment and local business, the Barrow Local Liaison Committee (LLC) is organised by Cumbria County Council Resilience Unit on behalf of the business and chaired by Councillor Sweeney of Barrow Borough Council. The LLC provides a forum to inform and assure the local authorities and the public of the safe operation of nuclear activities and of the robustness of the contingency arrangements at the site. The company also attend the LLC and the Emergency Planning Sub-Committee of the LLC to ensure appropriate consultation with local authorities and agencies.


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