Barrow Borough Council Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policies

As part of its commitment to combating fraud and corruption, Barrow Borough Council has set up a series of preventative measures that have been summarised in our Anti-Fraud and Corruption Strategy.  That strategy includes a confidential, free phone hotline and a confidential online reporting form, run by our Internal Audit service

If you have any concerns about potential fraud or corruption relating to the Council’s activities, including Council Tax and benefits, you can contact us confidentially, and anonymously if you prefer, via the Fraud Hotline or Online Reporting Form: 

  Free Fraud Hotline

Online Reporting Form 

0800 389 2330

 (Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

Please note that the hotline is not always manned so you may need to leave a message.

When reporting your concerns, please include as much information as you can to allow us to investigate the issue properly.

Internal Audit will investigate all reports received and, where appropriate, pass the investigation on to the relevant department or external body for further action.  Details of the person reporting the issue will never be passed on.

Due to the confidential nature of the reporting system and data protection laws, we cannot give feedback on any reports received.  Please be assured that your report will be dealt with promptly and appropriate action taken.