Barrow Borough Council preventative measures for an Anti-Fraud and Corruption Strategy.

Barrow Borough Council is committed to preventing the fraudulent or corrupt misuse of its cash or assets.

We have set up a series of preventative measures that have been summarised in our Anti-Fraud and Corruption Strategy.

Part of that strategy is our confidential free phone hot line to  our independent internal audit supplier, Furness Audit. Members of the public can use this hot line, anonymously if they prefer, to report their concerns about potential fraudulent or corrupt misuse of our cash or assets. Fraud Hot line: 0800 389 2330.

You may also report fraud now on-line using our Confidential Reporting facility

Apart from reports of benefit fraud, which are investigated by the anti-fraud section of Liberata, all reports will be investigated by Furness Audit and the identity of the complainant will be protected.

Wherever possible, if requested, Furness Audit will report progress on their investigations to the complainant. Exceptions to this might be caused by data protection guidelines, or the prevention of a compromise of a potential prosecution.