War Memorials

Information and photographs about War Memorials and Graves in Barrow Borough.

The Borough contains a number of War Memorials, not all of which are maintained by the council. Those maintained by the council can be found at the following locations: 

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission have a memorial in Barrow Cemetery.

in addition to these memorials, the Borough contains a number of other memorials, one of which is Piel Island, which was donated to the Borough by the Duke of Buccleuch as a first World War Memorial.

Other memorials which are known to exist can be found at:

  • Barrow Railway Station
  • Barrow Police Station
  • Abbey Road Post Office
  • Furness Academy (formerly Barrow Grammar School for Boys)
  • Alfred Barrow School
  • Hawcoat Memorial Hall, commemorating those men of Hawcoat and Ormsgill who gave their lives
  • The Cemetery Cottages plaque in Barrow
  • Roose School memorial
  • St. James' Church Memorial
  • St. John's Church Lectern Bible
  • The Ernest Pass Memorial Cricket Ground, (Barrow Cricket Club)


As these memorials are privately owned and maintained, it is possible that in producing this list, other borough memorials may have been omitted. If you are aware of any more, please contact customerservices@barrowbc.gov.uk.

For those interested in War Memorials, a useful link is to the United Kingdom National Inventory of War Memorials site at www.ukniwm.org.uk.

Barrow Park cenotaph
Barrow Park Cenotaph
Dalton Cenotaph
Dalton memorial
Askam Cenotaph
Askam memorial
Newton Cenotaph
Newton memorial
Lindal Cenotaph
Lindal memorial
Marton cenotaph
Marton memorial