Stories behind the stones

A walk around Barrow Cemetery looking at interesting graves and stories

Barrow Cemetery is the final resting place of many interesting people.  Why not take a stroll through the graves and learn about their lives, the tragedies and their role in the community.  Did you know that the cemetery is the final resting place of:

  • a couple killed by a V1 one week after getting married;
  • a survivor of the shipwreck that made Grace Darling famous;
  • a music hall artiste;
  • an Italian Countess;
  • war victims;
  • victims of accidents. 

The location of the Graves

Information can be downloaded in PDF format using the links on the list below.

Alternatively,  download entire "Stories Behind the Stones" information pack PDF 1.5mb

  1. Sir James Ramsden - Founding father of Barrow, along with Schneider
  2. Colonel Frederick Clifton Briggs  - Commander of the Barrow Garrison 
  3. David Melville  - Manager of the Jute Works 
  4. Christopher Wilson  - Salvation Army bandsman killed in industrial accident
  5. James Gall  - Survivor of shipwreck that made Grace Darling famous
  6. John MacGregor  - Shipyard engineering works manager 
  7. Mary Pepi Countess de Rossetti  - Italian Countess
  8. Walter John (Jack) Baggett  - Professional footballer 
  9. William Connor  - ‘Black & White Minstrel’
  10. George Francis Driver  - Run over by his own train
  11. Polish forces graves  and Canadian military graves ( HMCS Saguenay )
  12. Chief ERA Harry Jenner  - Bomb attack victim
  13. Canadian soldiers ( HMCS Saguenay ) and  Home Guard  
  14. John and Joan Waite  - Killed by a V1 bomb in London, a week after getting married.
  15. Hart Brothers  - all died in WW1
  16. Russian graves  - Overseas visitors to Barrow who died here.
  17. Chinese grave  - A stoker on the Chinese ship Hai Chi
  18. Private Samuel Wassall VC  - Awarded the Victoria Cross in the Zulu Wars
  19. Finch Brothers  - Killed in a motorcycle accident on the ‘new coast road’
  20. Leung Kan  - Mysterious Dutch sailor.
  21. Colonel Gilbert Fell  - Killed by a train as he walked home
  22. Fisher family  - important early entrepreneurs.

The stories behind the stones were researched and documented by Rod White.