Event Safety 

Barrow Borough is used as a venue for a range of events each year.  To help ensure events in our Borough are well-organised, safe and without detriment to the local community, event organisers should follow the advice and guidance provided and access the advice, guidance and support of the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) for Barrow Borough.

Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

Barrow Borough Council Public Protection Service co-ordinates monthly SAG meetings made up of representatives from the local authority, emergency services and other relevant bodies.  The meetings aim to discuss and provide advice on public safety for upcoming events, to assist event organisers plan and manage their event.  For larger and higher risk events, event organisers will be invited to attend the meetings. 

Whilst Event Organisers will benefit from engagement with the SAG, this is an advisory group only and does not have legal powers or responsibilities relating to event safety.  The legal duties regarding public safety remains the responsibility of the event organisers.

Organising Events on Council Owned Land

Engagement with the SAG is a pre-requisite to events being held on Council owned land.

If you are planning an event on Council Owned Land, please visit the relevant webpages for further information on the terms and conditions, public liability insurance requirements and other information required to facilitate this.

SAG Process

To allow sufficient time to review, discuss and provide feedback, event organisers are required to submit details of their events to the SAG 4 months in advance of their event taking place.  The documentation that is required include:

The nature and complexity of the Event Management Plan and Risk Assessment will depend on the type and scale of the event. 

Some guidance on the content of these documents and where appropriate a blank template for use is provided in the Supporting Information Section below.  There is no requirement to use these templates providing the content of these documents is replicated in the format you choose to use.

Completed Event Notification Forms and supporting documentation should be submitted to

Late Submissions

There is no guarantee that late submissions will be considered by the SAG although the group members will endeavour to provide support and advice to event organisers where possible.

Supporting Information

The following links have been provided for information and guidance, with document templates provided in word format for event organisers to use. Links in this section are under construction.

General Guidance for Event Organisers

Small Public Events (<500 people)

  • Event Safety Guide for small public events
  • Temporary Event Notice
  • Food Safety

Large Public Event (>500 people)

  • HSE Guidance on running events safely
  • Premises Licence
  • Road Closures
  • Food Safety

Fireworks and Bonfires

Safety Checklist

Counter Terrorism

Further Contact:

This webpage and documentation is currently under development, for further information or guidance please contact