Local Authority Building Control - LABC Local Authority Building Control has been established for over 100 years. This depth of experience in the interpretation and implementation of the Building…

Local Authority Building Control - LABC

Local Authority Building Control has been established for over 100 years. This depth of experience in the interpretation and implementation of the Building Regulations, coupled with our extensive historical records and local knowledge means our services are second to none.

Ensure your project runs smoothly from the outset - Helpful advice right from the concept, feasibility and pre-planning stage to highlight & resolve design issues at the earliest possible opportunity.

We make it easy for you to make an application by post, e-mail, at our locally based office, or electronically using our online service at

Flexible approach throughout the project - To ensure an effective transition of work from application to site we inspect work regularly and when the builder / developer requires us. Our friendly inspection service offers a professional and responsive third party check throughout the construction process so that you receive the best impartial advice; and as we are locally based we provide same day site inspections saving you time and money.

No hidden costs – Free and helpful advice - To give you the best possible value for money our charges are tailored to your project. A personal quote is only a phone call away.

As Local Authorities are not allowed to make a profit our prices are keenly competitive and are fully inclusive; we offer free pre-application advice helping to identify and reduce design issues before they become a problem on site, ensuring there are no hidden costs when an application is made.

Fast access to other organisations - We provide fast access to organisations such as the Fire Authority as well as other Council departments. We also have access to an extensive archive of previous plans, historic documents, maps and energy conservation advice to provide you with a comprehensive service.

Experienced surveyors with local knowledge - Our surveyors have no vested interests – they provide independent professional advice. Our team of locally based surveyors harbour a wealth of technical and local knowledge for you to benefit from throughout the project to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Quality assured and cost effective - All Local Authority Surveyors are qualified professionals with expertise in areas such as building design, energy conservation and emergency escape.

Independent and accountable - As a Local Authority we are an independent service, we will always be here and be answerable for what we do. We are required to keep proper records and are responsible for issuing a completion certificate at the end of each project, all of which are recorded and held at the council offices for future reference. This provides our clients with all the reassurance they need of a job well done.

Partnering with us - Our dedicated team provides you with access to 3800 technical experts. This gives a single point of contact and concise advice.

Start on site straight away – Fast turnaround - Time is money; we provide a fast turnaround for you and your client so work can start as soon as possible. Start on site as soon as you make a submission so there is no delay waiting for approval.

We work with you - We help you find common sense solutions to achieve compliance – not to find fault – finding solutions that work at lowest cost and with the least complexity whilst offering flexibility and simplicity. We will pull out all the stops if a job hits a snag, and point out over-engineering or less expensive solutions as necessary.

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