Barrow Borough Local Plan

Barrow Borough Local Plan 2016-2031

Barrow Borough Council has prepared a new Local Plan which will cover the period up to 2031 and shape the future of the Borough through new planning policies. It will also allocate sites for development and protect important areas such as natural habitats and public open spaces.

Adoption of the Local Plan

The Council adopted the Barrow Borough Local Plan 2016-2031 on 4th June 2019. It therefore came into effect from that date and forms part of the Barrow Borough Council Development Plan.

Barrow Borough Local Plan

Appendix A – Barrow Borough North Proposals Map

Appendix B – Barrow Borough Central Proposals Map 

Appendix C – Barrow Borough South Proposals Map

Adoption Statement

Sustainability Appraisal

Sustainability Appraisal Update January 2018

Sustainability Appraisal August 2018

Sustainability Appraisal Post-Adoption Statement

Replacement of Saved Local Plan Policies

The adoption of the Local Plan has resulted in the replacement of a number of saved policies from the Local Plan Review 2001 and the Housing Chapter Alteration 2006 and parts of the Barrow Port Area Action Plan 2010.

The schedule below sets out which policies have been replaced and which continue to form part of the Development Plan.

Schedule of Policies

Future Consultations

We currently hold a database which includes interested organisations, groups and individuals that want to be kept informed about future developments regarding the Local Plan, and other planning policy. 

If you would like to be added to the database and informed of consultations then contact the Planning Policy Team via email/phone and provide us with the following details; name, address, organisation (if applicable), phone number and email address.


Phone: 01229 876398